Experience the Lexus self-charging hybrid electric

Lexus has been a pioneer in the development of self-charging hybrid electric vehicle technology and today Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers an unparalleled drive that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Put simply, a self-charging hybrid electric system is two or more power sources working together in unison. Lexus Hybrid Drive features a petrol engine, electric motor(s) and a hybrid battery, which when combined offer smooth, powerful performance and exhilarating acceleration, along with reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Why Hybrid?

  1. Seamless Performance
    The advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive intelligently utilises the petrol engine and electric motor as required, seamlessly engaging one, both or neither for a driving experience that offers exceptional power and breath-taking acceleration.
  2. Better Fuel Economy
    With two power sources to call on, drain on the petrol engine is reduced or the engine is given an extra energy boost from the electric motor and hybrid battery, requiring less fuel to power the vehicle.
  3. Quieter Engine
    At start up, the petrol engine waits silently, ready to come to life when required. When travelling in slow moving traffic, only the electric motor will be active for whisper quiet performance.
  4. Lower Emissions
    During braking, coasting and when stopped at traffic lights, the petrol engine is switched off immediately, which in turn stops the creation of harmful NOx and CO2 emissions.